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“Listen to the voice of the people”: Afghan perspectives on legislative bodies, access to information, and protecting women’s rights

Report | November 21, 2019

“I would tell them (the Members of Parliament) to listen to the voice of people and theyshould not focus on their personal interest alone” Older man, Kabul. The Afghan experience…

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“No One Should Be Beyond the Law”: A Survey of Progress in Building the Rule of Law in Afghanistan

Report | November 21, 2019

“No one, even the President, should be beyond the law” – Head Judge, Primary Court With years of efforts and billions of dollars expended to rebuild Afghanistan’s justice system, this…

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“Techlash is Here” – Explore our research on the future of marketing.

By Charney Research | Report | October 3, 2019

What are the trends of consumers and marketers when the world’s two largest world markets face economic nationalism?   In a time of trade war, economic nationalism, and rapidly changing…

Insights: What Africa’s Working Women Want from Multinational Corporations

November 2017

Insights – November 2017 Social Responsibility: What Africa’s Working Women Want from Multinationals What do working women in the developing world want – and how can overseas firms they work…

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Business Strategies to Empower African Women

Report | September 14, 2017

Charney Research, in conjunction with BSR (Business for Social Responsibility), conducted two phases of research, quantitative and qualitative, on working women in Ghana. We conducted focus groups, in-depth interviews, and…

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