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Report finds fraud guarantees would accelerate adoption of mobile payments | October 7, 2016

Concerns about fraud and theft risks are inhibiting adoption of mobile wallets, but businesses underestimate the problem, according to a new global survey of consumers and executives released today by…

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China growth in ‘dangerous’ territory

By Sophia Yan | Press Clip | December 18, 2015 | 1 pages

Growth stabilizing in China? Not so fast. At least one group is warning that the situation is likely far worse than official statistics may indicate, saying that growth in the…

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China Beige Book Says Pessimism ‘Thoroughly Divorced From Facts’

By Craig Charney and Leland Miller | Bloomberg | September 21, 2015

China’s economy isn’t as weak as it may look, according to a private survey from a New York-based research group that says it’s a myth the nation’s slowdown is intensifying. “No…

INSIGHTS, Series II, No. 10

By Craig Charney | Insights | Series II | No. 10 | August 2015

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Measuring Corruption & Compliance: A Practical Toolkit

By Craig Charney | Press Clip | August 27, 2015 | 5 pages

Getting Solid Data on Corruption and Compliance: A Guide

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