Security assistance and conflict resolution involve demanding tasks — assessing conflicts, identifying persuadables, testing solutions, and promoting stabilization – all in difficult environments.

We can make them easier. We have long experience in conflict zones and we know how to produce practical, actionable results from surveys. You get solid, data-driven conclusions you can count on – from even the most inhospitable corners of the earth.

Charney does the jobs the others can’t, in the places where they won’t

We have a string of “firsts” to our credit: the first polls ever in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s tribal areas, Cambodia, and East Timor, among others. We also have a long record in challenging spots. This includes a discreet qualitative study for NATO during Libya’s civil war, focus groups in Liberia for USAID right after its new government was elected, and a rapid poll in Egypt three weeks after Mubarak fell for the International Peace Institute.  All told, we’ve worked in over 45 countries around the globe.

What this means is that you can be confident we’ll do the job, wherever you need us, whether it’s Yemen or Mali, Burma or Bolivia, or some as-yet-unknown trouble spot.  (We even know the pollsters in Somalia.)  We are the go-anywhere, get-it-done people.

Results you can rely on

Though we often work in rough neighborhoods, we get things right when the others don’t. We were the only pollsters to predict the win of the pro-Western March 14 bloc in Lebanon’s 2009 election, when the smart money was on Hezbollah.  In a Defense Department-funded study of 9 Muslim countries, we found the least stable would be Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen, and Mali – back in 2008! (Want to know more?  Click here.) In 2004, when “experts” said the Afghan election would fail and women stay home, we predicted high turnout – and we were right.

Because we specialize in emerging markets, and work on development and marketing as well as security, we know how to get accurate data and turn it into actionable results.  When the chips are down, you will get results you can trust and recommendations you can act upon.

There is no worthier task than bringing conflict to a successful resolution. We’d be honored to help you do this.

If you need research on conflict or security issues in the developing world, click here to set up a free, no-obligation consultation or request a quote.

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