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"Techlash is Here" - Explore our research on the future of marketing.

By Charney Research | Report | October 3, 2019

What are the trends of consumers and marketers when the world’s two largest world markets face economic nationalism?


In a time of trade war, economic nationalism, and rapidly changing shifts in market production, demand, brands, and technology, marketers need an advance look to inform their plans and strategies. On behalf of American Marketing Association New York, Charney Research surveyed 500+ consumers and 500+ marketers, along with 13 marketing thought leaders in the two countries, United States and China.

The comprehensive sample provided a rich trove of data that culminated in groundbreaking research that covers topics that are critical for marketers today, including:

  • The Rise and Rise of Digital Marketing

The U.S. and China and witnessing a massive transformation of advertising and marketing.  Social media and online ads are the new trend, while television and radio still lead among old media. This shift reflects the explosive growth of digital and mobile advertising during the last decade.

  • Techlash is Here: Media Use Trends

Over the next three years, many Americans expect to ease off on social media and games, while broadcast radio, regular mail, and in-store are set to decline. In contrast, Chinese consumers foresee big growth in their use of most online media in the next three years but continue to shift away from old media.

  • The Digital Disconnect: Consumer Concerns and Marketer Awareness

Americans are divided about marketing technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), while the Chinese are consistent technophiles when it comes to marketing technology.


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