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SIDW/Charney Survey: The State of Development Evaluation

By Craig Charney | Report | December 17, 2013 | 41 pages

What’s happening in development evaluation? How often do development projects include evaluation — and what kinds? How are evaluators chosen? How big are their budgets? How satisfactory are their results? To provide a snapshot of development evaluation today, the Society for International Development’s Washington Chapter partnered with Charney Research in December of 2013 to survey development professionals, including funders, contractors, and evaluators, involved in development, stabilization, and humanitarian assistance.

People involved in evaluation can use the report to benchmark their work and knowledge against the rest of the field. Funders will find it helpful to measure awareness and application of recommended evaluation practices. It offers policy-makers a chance to see how far the field has come and ways to move it further forward.

The survey was conducted online in Jan-Feb 2013 among development professionals on the SIDW mailing list. The survey was sent to 10,000 and 624 replied. Most were fairly senior: three-fifths were project managers or higher and the average number of years in the field was 15. Almost all worked on evaluation proposals or projects; the average number in 2012 was 8.

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