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Understanding the Arab Spring: Public Opinion and the Roots of Revolution in the Arab World

Powerpoint Presentation | January 26, 2012 | 36 pages

In a presentation to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Craig Charney shares his insights gleaned from his recent Middle East polling assignments. Craig discusses factors for why the regimes of five Arab nations—Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, and now Syria were overthrown or are tottering whereas the Gulf states have remained intact. His research indicates that the Arab countries most dissatisfied with the local economy, job creation and most afflicted by poverty experienced more unrest. Other factors in unrest included: 1) People feeling powerless; 2) Perceived government corruption; 3) Lack of confidence in rule of law; 4) Belief that elections were rigged; 5) Mistrust of domestic media; 6) Strong desire for democracy; 7) Belief that democracy is compatible with Islam. He also examines the roles that social media and satellite tv played.

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