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Charney Research Explores The Future of Money

By Charney Research and Oxford Economics | Report | February 28, 2017

 Electronic payment systems are changing the way businesses make money and consumers spend it. We talked to consumers and businesses about this new frontier.

Charney Research and Oxford Economics, in partnership with NTT Data and Ingenico ePayments, surveyed 2000 consumers and 300 executives worldwide about their relationship with different forms of payments in 2016.  Talking to consumers in both the developed and developing world as well as businesses of all different types, generated results that might surprise you.  Among the insights our Future of Money Report provides: companies underestimate worldwide consumer enthusiasm for mobile payments, but that businesses also must do more to address consumer concerns about security.  Fast-growing businesses are more likely to accept mobile payments, and it can be an effective way to reach consumers in the developing world.   


Click here to read the full report, and see what actions businesses can take to stay ahead of the mobile payment curve.

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